Nov 17, 2017

Bell’s Top Awards Highlight These Employees’ Amazing Service to Others

The Bell Value Awards are our company’s highest honor, recognizing the truly special ways employees take care of each other, our customers or members of the community.

We recently recognized some of our employees for going above and beyond in living out our values of family atmosphere, unequaled personal service and paying it forward.

Family Atmosphere
Shauna Yliniemi and Nancy Baker, both personal banking officers in our Detroit Lakes branch, won the Bell Value Award for Family Atmosphere for showing compassion to a customer in crisis.

After a customer shared with Shauna and Nancy that he did not trust himself to be alone, they helped him get the medical help he needed, went with him to the emergency room and waited with him until a mental health professional arrived.

In this customer’s darkest hour, Nancy and Shauna responded with compassion and grace.

Unequaled Personal Service
Dan Joslyn, a user support specialist in our Colonnade office in Minneapolis, received the Bell Value Award for Unequaled Personal Service for coming in to work early to help Billi Jo Carpenter, human resources manager, with a project.

Billi Jo later found out Dan was sick and came in specifically to help her, then went home and was out sick for the next couple of days.

This isn’t the first time Dan has made himself available during unique situations.

Paying It Forward
Heather Heick, human resources team lead in Fargo, received the Bell Value Award for Paying It Forward by going the extra mile for a mother and her child.

After her daughter’s child care center relocated, Heather noticed one of the moms and her little girl had to travel much farther to get there – even walking on bitter cold winter mornings.

Heather offered to pick up the mother and her child each day, which the single mother gratefully accepted.

Throughout the year, employees nominate each other for “How Bell of You” awards, which recognize those who excel in demonstrating our values of service and paying it forward. Those employees are then considered for Bell Value Awards.