Together, we can make a difference

A decade of giving back

The Pay It Forward tradition has become one of our company’s greatest blessings each year. Here’s an overview from a decade of giving through the Pay It Forward program.

  • Total giving for 2017: $935,866
  • Total program giving (2007-2017): $11,165,356

Common Types of Giving

  • Arts (culture and history)
  • Helping animals
  • Hospitals, nursing homes and medical aid
  • Individuals and families in need
    • Families fighting cancer
    • Families facing financial hardship
    • Individuals and families who have lost a loved one
    • People impacted by other serious medical conditions or diseases
    • People in ministry helping others
    • Households affected by fire
    • Random acts of kindness
    • Victims of accidents
    • Victims of domestic violence
  • Organizations or projects
  • Places of worship
  • Schools, camps and education

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